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Boost Influencer Campaign Go-To-Market Speed by 800%


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Custom Analytics for Web3 KOLs

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Hire the best influencers, filtered by ecosystem, audience, topics & more

Scale Your Growth With The Right Web3 Influencers

The Fastest Way to Build Community

  • Work with KOLs of your preferred ecosystem
  • Book influencers best-matched to your marketing campaign
  • Leverage the network effect of community engagement


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"Lever.io has transformed how we connect with new audiences. The platform's intuitive design and powerful tools have not only streamlined our outreach efforts but also significantly reduced the time it takes to launch a campaign. We're now able to reach and inspire more community members than ever before. Huge thanks to Lever for making community building so effective!"


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"Lever has been instrumental in creating workflows for content creators while offering Web3 brands with unrivaled access to top-tier talent in the space—everyone wins. Lever's influencer marketplace has empowered brands to launch targeted campaigns in hours instead of weeks, and the layer of trust Lever adds to each campaign means a lot in this industry. Lever.io is truly a game-changer in digital marketing for both creatives and marketing managers."

Start Working With Web3 Influencers in 3 Steps

1. Join as a Brand

Share your marketing needs and Lever will match you with the right crypto influencers.

2. Explore the Marketplace

Search, sort and filter creators. Lever gives you the freedom to choose the right influencers for you.

3. Launch Your Campaign

Engage with top Web3 influencers and drive traffic to your websites, social platforms, DApps or any other destination.


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